Cycle To Work, with Brampton Valley Cycles

Save up to 39% on a new bike and cycling kit & keep fit — win, win

Cycle to Work is a government scheme, aimed at making cycling more affordable and accessible for commuters and leisure riders. It's a simple three-step process, which will help you save up to 39% on a brand new bike, cycling accessories or a combination of the two.

New Cycle Scheme Legislation

This exciting new change in legislation has removed the £1000 limit for bikes under the Governments Cycle To Work initiative, so employers can now apply to have no limit on the value of certificates issued to employees! This new limit is available from today so your employer can start applying for a higher (or even unlimited) Cycle To Work limit straight away!

This new limit means that you can save EVEN more on your new bike, by paying for the whole bike via salary sacrifice (and not just the first £1000). This is a great initiative to get more people out on their bikes, and the changes in the upper limit mean that the potential savings are bigger than ever.

Electric bikes are a hugely popular commuting bike, reducing the effort on hills means that you can get to work quickly, and without breaking a sweat. The new increase on the upper limit for Cycle To Work now means that you can put the whole value of your new electric bike through the Cycle To Work scheme, saving you money on the bike, and on your commute!

How can you take advantage of this new upper limit?

If you want to benefit from this new higher limit, all you need to do is get in touch with your employer or HR department and ask them to apply for a higher limit through their chosen Cycle To Work provider. Then you can apply for a higher value certificate and save on your dream bike!

How does the scheme work?

Step 1 - Choose your bike and/or equipment

You can take advantage of Cycle to Work in our store and online. Simply browse our range of bikes, accessories and clothing and decide on a package that suits you. Your Cycle to Work allowance can be used against a bike, accessories, or a combination of the two. Accessories such as a cycle helmet and hi-vis clothing would be a sensible choice, while a pannier rack or basket will make taking your packed lunch to work a doddle. See our FAQ section below for more details.

An 15% surcharge is applicable on sale items purchased using the Cycle To Work scheme, this is a charge passed on from the Cycle To Work provider.

Can I reserve my chosen items?
You can reserve your items, by paying a small refundable deposit (£50). If you're buying in store, we will take your deposit; if you're ordering online, then please call us on 01536 515241 and we'll take your deposit over the phone.

Step 2 - Request Your Cycle to Work Certificate via your employer

Once you've chosen your items, you need to check with your HR / Finance department whether your company is already enrolled on a Cycle to Work scheme. You can then request a certificate equal to the value of your order. We accept vouchers / certificates from the following Cycle to Work providers:

Step 3 - Receive Your Equipment & Hit the Road!

Once you have your certificate simply bring it in store, email it to or call us on 01536 515241 and along with a list of the products you're looking to purchase, we can put your order together for you. We'll then redeem your voucher with your Cycle to Work provider and hand over your bike (or ship it to you, if you're ordering online ***PLEASE NOTE IF ORDERING ON-LINE POSTAGE COSTS WILL APPLY*** ), fully built and ready to ride. Some providers allow us to release your bike and equipment immediately on receipt of your voucher; with others, you may need to allow a few days' processing time. Rest assured that from our side, we'll be working as fast as we can to get your bike to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a UK employee, Cycle to Work allows you to spread the cost of a new bike and equipment, by paying in instalments taken directly from your wage. The payments are taken out of your gross wage and your Tax & NI contributions are then worked out based on your new lower gross wage, saving you money on your new bike and equipment.

You'll enter into a hire agreement with your employer or cycle to work provider, who own the bike for the period of the agreement. At the end of this period, you then have the option of buying your bike or continuing to use it while you work for the company. If you decide to purchase the bike, the balance you owe will be based on a percentage of how much the bike was worth at the time you took out the Cycle to Work scheme.

If you are purchasing more than one bike, please note that both bikes must be the same frame size.

With Cycle to Work, you can get any accessory that keeps your bike wheels turnings, like:

Safety accessories - that help keep you and your bike safe; helmets, bike lights, reflectors, mirrors, bells, locks.
Essential accessories - necessary to cycle commute; clothing and shoes, mudguards, panniers, backpacks, child safety seats.
• Components and parts - that keep your bike in great shape; pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits, tyre sealant, group-sets, wheels, cranksets, cassettes.
In fact - you can get almost any cycle accessory! Shop online or in-store and discover the accessories that can complement your cycle commute.

Please note - cameras and GPS computers & car racks are not allowed under the Cycle to Work scheme.

We accept vouchers from the following government-approved Cycle to Work providers:

• Cyclescheme
• Bike2Work Scheme
• VivUp
• Green Commute Initiative

Any bike/accessory that has a reduced RRP can be purchased through Cycle to Work, but will incur an additional charge of 15%, to cover the provider's fees.

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular option for commuting; they're easy to ride, green and cheap to run. Most e-bikes come in at over £1000, so the Government's recent scrapping of the £1000 cycle to work limit is great news for e-bike commuters! If your employer's limit is still set at £1000, we've partnered with a specialist e-bike Cycle to Work provider — Green Commute Initiative. The Green Commute Initiative scheme doesn't have this £1000 limit, so it covers the often higher price of electric bikes. Although the scheme is pitched at electric bikes, mechanical bikes are also available through the scheme, so it's ideal whether you're after your dream mechanical bike or an awesome electric bike.

If you have any questions, we're here to help — just give us a ring on 01858 288795

Yes you can, however please be aware that an 15% surcharge will apply to sale itemsIf you have any questions please contact us on 01858 288795 or email