Argon 18 Gallium Pro Rim




Because compromise is not a part of your vocabulary. Go like the pros. A true thoroughbred, this is the lightest, fastest Argon 18 race bike ever built. Insane performance all the way. From the toughest climbs to the steepest descents and high-speed chases, tear away from the pack with the Gallium Pro.





  • PAINSTAKING ATTENTION TO DETAIL From small parts to redesigned cable routing, no details were overlooked
  • OUR LIGHTEST FRAME EVER Sitting at 759g*, we pushed the limit of our carbon lay-up
  • GEOMETRY BASED ON OUR WORLD TOUR PROVEN RACE BIKE Tried and tested on the roads of the biggest World Tour races
  • UP TO 28MM TIRE CLEARANCE For maximum comfort and compatibility
  • REFINED 27.2 SEATPOST Easy-to-use, offers more compliance, adjustability and comfort
  • PRESS-FIT 3D SYSTEM Extends positioning flexibility by offering 3 head tube heights for every frame size without sacrificing any rigidity; system preserves 5% and 11% more incremental frontal rigidity vs. standard spacers when the handlebar is set at 15mm and 25mm respectively
  • NEW AND IMPROVED FORK Lighter, but just as stiff and comfortable
  • INLAID CHAINSUCK PROTECTOR Protection of the carbon chainstay against wear from the chain’s movement