Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Brake Pad Set (Shimano Front & Rear)


Product Info

The next generation of carbon fibre braking technology.

Reynolds Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads, shaped in a sleek, tapered design, with a 44% larger braking surface than the original Cryo-Blue Pads. The surfaces of the pads have six angled slots that move air and water through them, offering increased cooling in dry conditions, and increased control in wet conditions.


While the original Cryo-Blue Blue Pads still exceed Reynolds' standards, the Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads set the bar even higher. Testing validates that the new Power Pads deliver 33% increase in dry conditions stopping and 42% increase in wet conditions stopping.

CTg-Braking System

Reynolds. The two components are Reynolds' proprietary Cryo-Blue polymer brake pads and hybrid carbon-fiber laminate (CTg brake track). The integrated CTg system minimizes heat build-up from pad-to-rim friction and dissipates heat away from the brake track, providing smoother, more predictable braking. 

Reynolds'Cryo-Biue Power brake pads were designed to work specifically with the CTg brake track; providing increased stopping force in both wet and dry conditions. 


• 42% increase in stopping force in wet conditions 

• 33% increase in stopping force in dry conditions 

• Sleek, aerodynamic tapered design 

• 44% larger braking surface 

• 6 angled slots 

• Adds additional cooling 

• Disperse water away from the brake track 

Designed for Reynolds carbon rims only

Front and Rear carbon brake pad set

Available for Campagnolo and Shimano.